Valery Ivanov

Valery Ivanov was born on 13 January 1971 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. For him, music had always embodied life and spiritual freedom... ever since a little boy he was fascinated by many groups and performers which left an everlasting mark and influenced him to become a musician. Always supported by his father, Valery I. had just turned eight when he took his first acoustic guitar in his hands. The first lessons and chords followed which engrossed him more and more into the music world. When fourteen, full of enthusiasm and boyish passion, he had a dream to play in his own band. By good chance he met Valery Slavchev at a school excursion to Vitosha mountain and they decided to join their ideas into one common goal – to perform together and compose their own songs for the first school band that was just created. At that time, they could not even think that this meeting would turn into a sound and long friendship and that, together, they would live the thrill, called Horizon, which only the stage could give them. Many concerts and tours followed. Valery I. feels that every appearance on stage is the one and only, as the Horizon boys say: concerts are the most important and sincere contact with the public. Till now, they have played over 2500 concerts - an indisputable evidence of the above mentioned. This is a very emotional and full of creation pathway, which makes you always be true and fulfill your dreams. As Valery I. says, he has always been part of something so true, born in the dreams of four boys that turned into their goal, profession and way of life that fully corresponds to the need to create and is a result of many efforts and respect for their fans.