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Letters from fans


August 18, "From the diary of Laura from Pernik"

Enjoyed the "Horizon", sang their songs, talking with them and love them. But there came a time in which they had to leave and we began to cry. The apparatus was loaded on a truck, but we could not understand why our pets leave. T is our promise that I will come that we will be together, but we do "NOT" and "NO", how will endure without them, and us and one day we see too long ...


From Gerry

I am a girl that a lot of you like it!! I want to know what are the cities that will play during the tour. As far as I know you were already in Kazanlak, but are now in Pernik, Right? Please let me know what are the next cities of the tour is very important to me, life and death! :)) Many greetings from me (so far girl 'X', and later you will understand who I am because I know:))
P. S. Email me! 


From Ninka

Hello Members!
How are you my dear:)) Wow, if you say that straight crazy as I get a letter from you, not by any but themselves "Horizon". So how do you manage to answer all your fans directly you wonder ... I promised you to ask you some questions and this time there is no way out, hey:)) So the questions are:

• When will you have time again to Sliven?
• The song "Gone smell of your hair" for someone special is it written, is there a story?
• What happens to your new album?
• What are your fans, what are you really?
• Who is the team that writes your lyrics?

I write poems the way, if you send someone you know it turned into a song? Well this is me now for cute, I love you sooooo much!


Antoinette Gateva

"Why" profession "rock musician so prevlikatelna for almost every young man? Is hardly just for the hope that it can not become rich. First, there are thousands of ways to earn money and secondly, we are young and idialisti far greater prize to no one in the hallways of the school who does not know you, because you play every festival. When your dream come true and they begin to invite major concerts greatest joy is knowing that there are people who have come to just to hear you! What won the "Horizon" from Birfest Varna 2000 was not that there will be people who will buy their new album. They won friends. Their music brought together people who perhaps would never have met. "


Daniela Boncheva:

"In today's rock music in Bulgaria is a small and forgotten favors chalga and rap. So for me it's pure joy that remained even less a connoisseur of good music, my music. The young rock band" Horizon "has undertaken a difficult task to promote the music among Bulgarian youth. Young and ambitious, the boys are rushing straight to the top and would not stop at nishto.Zatova as I also fully support the entire fan club "Horizont" and their fingers crossed to reach the so- desired peak. "


Maria Koycheva:

"Breathless" was my favorite song without knowing who sings it. When I heard of the beer festival in Varna this song from "Horizon", they became my favorite band. And when listening to copyright songs I found that really worth it. In a very short time they have won many of his admirers, who organized fan club. These fans admired and eagerly awaiting the album, which will be released in the future. "Horizon" are really my favorite band and as I fan club and we are ready to support them whatever happens.


From Cvetin and Zlatina

Our first visual contact with the group "Horizon" was in the summer of 2001. They are also songs with us and intrigued with its amazing appearance. We are very pleased that we had the opportunity to meet personally with them. Our first impressions were that very, very friendly with all my fans and thus won our hearts! Songs that remain in our hearts are "Childhood," "You escape", "Breathless" "Break the needle in the ice." Most sincerely wish you the very rapid development in the professional aspect and one day you see on MTV!


By Maria Christina

Few groups are so fast to reach the hearts of fans with rock music! That group has made "Horizon". With his melodic, heartfelt music and stage effects they attracted our attention. Rarely a musician to behaves so friendly with their fans and managed to pay attention to all, guys! With his tremendous talent and appeal, they continually attract new fans. We appreciate the many members of the group hope their talent not to cut short as our muse in these final lines and their wish to continue to treat their fans the same friendly way!


From "Memories of HORIZON"

... Forget the first time I heard them in Varna. The group came on stage and sang ... I can not describe ka felt, the concert was over, and I do not even understand when! When Valio announced that "this is our last song" I could only say, I also want "HORIZON "!...


... Our visit in Silistra! It is hard to describe what I felt: happiness, satisfaction, or what ...? I only know so we can express our respect and love for "Horizon". I will never forget the joy on the faces of the IOM band when we saw the audience nor the pride which gives us the sign marked "FAN CLUB HORIZON VARNA". There is nothing more enjoyable than to please man, which behave. This joy was for me the most precious gift that I brought from Silistra!


... My first impressions of the boys - and it surprised me too! The exact word that comes to mind is simplicity: casually laughed and talked with us. They were kind and good and not held by us as inferior beings any more. Quite different from the idea of ​​musicians that some of their colleagues had created in me. Very easy except as musicians and took them as friends. Itova perhaps the most valuable thing I received from my relationship with them!


By Stella skins

I am writing you from Kazanlak! My name is Stella!
This year I was fortunate to meet with you personally! And I'm very happy with this fact .:))))) OF 06.06 I could not say goodbye, to wish you all the best and most importantly - to tell you a THANK YOU! And now you dare to write this letter to wish you much success in both professional and personal! Also with this letter to thank all the wonderful moments you gave to the audience Kazanlak.:) Thank you for your wonderful attitude towards me! In my opinion and according to all your fans you have some wonderful people:) Very, very happy that I met you! ................. i love you


By Nina Torosyn

I am from Plovdiv. Concert you saw your first, I loved it and become your fan. I am that girl who was just in front of the stage. I hope you remember me and especially Valerie, I liked it. Tsunki me. Nina


By Nelly Ivanova

My name is Nelly Ivanova from Rousse.
I am one of your many fans. I read in a newspaper that you have been abroad for more than 1 year. I knew this and was wondering where you are, but I am happy for you that you have exported more than 300 concerts outside Bulgaria. Do not know if you remember me. I have talked with you all, many cards you gave me autographed. Wait for each of your album. I wish you guys much success.


By Martina

I have no idea whether my letter will be read, but I sincerely nadyavam.Toku just got back from your concert. I have no words to describe what I feel ... The beginning of this evening was blown up by "Horizon"! Throughout sure to look around the scene and do not stop singing:) Boyko, Mitko, S. and Valio Valio I. all the time handed out to the max! Their eyes glowed and reflected in our! Oh ... I still can not recover! I was very young when I first learned about the existence of this great group. My father is a big fan of you and it is lit by many! Now, 8 or 9 years later for the first time I see the guys live! I really can not describe the excitement and emotions! Thank you "Horizon" for this note joy in my life! Keep on rockin '!!!


Diana Henrich

Hello, dear friends from Horizon Group. I'll ask for some information. Can you give me information on when you have concerts from early July until around August 10. I live in Bulgaria. I do not know where to find the drive with your music, and wants me to directly see your concert participation. Diana


By Nina

I am your fan sworn and will not get rid of me for many years old. I fall on the rock and you - a lot. What do you do now, where you will show, that I know of where to draw with my friends to come and you enjoy. By the way the words in your songs are great, loaded me with positive energy. I believe in you, after the first time that you heard - in Plovdiv. Super you keep it. We believe in you.


By Maya Petrova

Hello! When will you come back in Sliven? I expect you with impatience, I really miss you! Your video is great! I love you!


From Adriana Evtimova

Hello cute! I am a girl with blue eyes from Pernik, if I remember. You are awesome, you are very cool, right Abe no words ... I love you very much, you have super ... Many, many kisses from me.


Rose Angelova

I am your very big fan and soon your looking for songs and albums, but I can not find them anywhere and really want to get them slushkam but ....... I keep very fond memories of meeting with you in Pleven and keep all your cards and even a drawing that I made Mitko last night I hope to get response from you and if you can tell me about things that happen to you now. What do you do, etc. And how can I contact with a fan club? I love you so much all! KISS YOU ALL